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The Ultimate FGC Scoreboard and Toolset for Tournament Organizers and Streamers

Latest Set
Scorebars Offline

Street Fighter 6

Tiers and Features

Tier 1 - Scorebars Starter

Scorebars Online Access
Simple Player Input
50+ Styles to choose from
One-Click score changes
Flag Selections
Team / Clan Tags
Character Selection
Player Stat Tracking
Player Profile Creation
Player Profile Adjustments
Score Overrides
Commentator Display
Round Tags

Tier 2 - Scorebars Manager

Everything in Tier 1, PLUS
Custom Round Tags
Custom Player List
Side Switch
Avatar Uploads
Display Tournament Roster
Fight Cards
Challonge Integration Integration

Tier 3 - Scorebars Faithful

Scorebars Offline: THE BEST VERSION of Scorebars!!
containing features from the Online version, as well as some AWESOME exclusive editions and features which include:
Multiple Language Support: English, Spanish, French and Japanese
All Player List (display all the players you've ever saved in app and assign them to P1 / P2 slots)
Character Usage tracking
Match Prediction (w/ Twitch Chat Integration and Local)
Improved Versus Screen (w/ Screenshot saving!)
+ Custom Theme Support
Improved Victory Screen (w/ Screenshot saving!)
+ Custom Animated Background Effect Support
+ Custom Theme Support
Tournament Splash (w/ Screenshot saving!)
+ Customization and Timer
Live Top 8 Results (w/ Screenshot saving!)
Customizable Top 8 Bracket (Pulled from
Hugely Improved Custom Style Editor / Creator (w/ Style Thumbnail Generation and Exporter!)
Community Styles: Download and import even more styles made by the community
Optional Screen Themes: Download and import themes for the Versus/Victory Screen made by the community
Optional Roster Themes: Download and import themes for thePlayer Roster Screen made by the community
Cloud Control: Control your Scorebars Offline App from anywhere in the world!
Local Music Player: Player Local Music with a player overlay and music selection choices from your library
Team Game Support with Team Tracking (DBFZ, BBTAG, etc.)
4 Player Game Support
Automated Offline-to-Online Player stat updating
Thumbnail Creator
+ Create any kind of thumbnail you want with included images/patterns and even more elements to customize
+ Save and share your finished image or export the template and share it with the communty
Replay Theater
+ Play back, in sequence, up to 5 replays that you've saved in OBS with effects and other options
Twitch Chat Box / Editor
+ Create your own Template/Style for for your Twitch Chat!
+ Download and load in Templates created by the community by downloading them from the Discord
+ Add Icons to your Templates by using your own or downloading packs from teh Discord as well.
Automatic Updates
Improved Player List
Game Asset Downloads (Characters / Backgrounds)
Set Wins and Straight Wins Tracking
Improved Fight Cards
Color Customizable Style with placement and color selections
Custom Splashes Support
Player Stat Backups as well as automatic JSON stat exports for use in other applications
Players earn Badges / Achievements in their Profiles
Players Time-Played tracking
ZERO server dependancy
As well as an even SNAPPIER interface. This is available as a download. Check the Patreon Posts.

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Scorebars Offline Hype Trailer

Supported Games

Scorebars Offline In-Use

Main Interface and Fight Cards in the Scoreboard overlay
Versus Screen with custom logo options and Victory Screen
Style Editor / Creator and Victory Screen
Challonge Import interface and Live Top 8 Results
Player Profiles with All kind of stats tracked. Top Games, Character and Rivals
Character specific records as well as best and worst matchups per character and Match History with timestamps
Match History sets with per set characters and timestamps as well and Tournament placement records via Challonge
Player badges unlocked through play
Scorebars Offline In-Use (Videos)
*Examples in-use: Tournamanet Splash, Victory Screen, Versus Screen, Live Top 8 Results, etc.