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World of Final Fantasy
Developer: Square-Enix   |   Publisher: Square-Enix

Very Colorful
This game is very gorgeous, but it's to be expected from a Final Fantasy game after all, well a spin-off a Final Fantasy anyway. Each little world that the twins enter is full of color and atmosphere that almost looks like a cartoon. Speaking of which, there are both Anime and CG scenes to be seen iin the game as well and they are certainly eye-candy
Interesting Combat System
It's certainly a different take on what you'd generally have in an RPG, but not so far off the beaten path. You can either stack up your "Mirages" to get better overall stats for each of the twins or have all your Mirages out with you fighting individually but each one has lower stats. Reynn and Lann can each hold 2 Mirages of different sizes. Staying stacked up is what most will generally do to annhialate their enemies but there a few times when you'll want to unstack so you can capture that enemy Mirage and add it to your own arsenal.
Collecting Them All
Capturing more and more Mirages is a fun part of the game and most of them even evolve (Transmog) too! And into multiple ones forms as well. You can also Transmog them back to their original base forms as each form has a few of their own unique skills that you'll need in certain conditions.
Hero Cameos
You'd think that having all these Final Fantasy heros in the game would be pointless to the story but they actually play a part in it and help you progress through it. The chibi forms they all take is pretty cute as well.

A few times during the main story you'll have to participate in a few of these random mini-games that just take away from the overall quality of the game and can be tedious to play. It also doesn't help having to grind these out post-game for your trophies.