Watch Dogs 2 - E3 2016 Cinematic Reveal Trailer

Watch Dogs 2
Developer: Ubisoft   |   Publisher: Ubisoft

Huge Open World
San Francisco has never looked so great. There's people on every street and the world is filled with life. All Making the open world as believable as possible.
Fun Hacks Are Back
Following up on the first games cool hacks, we get even more this time around and some are even pretty funny to use. You can profile people and falsify evidence on them and have the cops come and arrest them, It's funny. Of course there's plenty more.
New Gadgets
You'll have access to two of your own personal digital gadgets, one being the little wheeled drone called the Jumper which can get through guarded areas a whole lot more stealthy than a person ever could. There's also the Quadcopter which helps you tag enemies from above and hack hard to reach high places.
Upbeat Tone
Another improvement over the first games dark tone, Marcus and his crew of DedSec are all just regular people, though hackers, still regular people who the "system" has no qualms about initially and didn't hurt his family or friends. They all just want to save the freedom of the public.