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UNCHARTED 4: A Thief's End - Story Trailer

UNCHARTED 4: A Thief's End
Developer: Naughty Dog   |   Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

A Fitting End
We finally learn a lot of the answers to the questions that the previous games have raised. Drake goes out to do his final treasure hunt and one that he's thought about for years and years. Clues on it's whereabout finally surfaced though through the help of his long lost brother Sam Drake. Everything wraps up fantastically.
Eye Candy
There probably isn't any other game on consoles that can even come close to the level of detail and beauty that is Uncharted 4, except maybe Killzone: Shadowfall. It's SO gorgeous. There's absolutly no way you wont ever just stop and take a look around just to have all sink in.
Deep Character Development
As you might expect from the team at Naughty Dog, Every main character in the game has reasons for what they do and it really shows. Everyone is passionate about their decisions and have their own motivations.
Fresh Multiplayer Additions
We still don't have the fair-balanced gameplay of Uncharted 2 and we probably never will because people don't want that, they want "variety", but the additions of sidekicks, rope swinging, and weapon customization are pretty appealing as well.

Pay-2-Win Multiplayer
With the introduction of multiplayer in Uncharted 4, they introduced Uncharted Points for you to buy and get what you actually want out of the "Random Drops" cosmetic customization chests. This was fine i suppose because it didn't affect the actual gameplay or give anyone an advantage or anything. It wasn't until they added new weapons that it went fully Pay-2-Win. You see, the weapons weren't added for free in that update, they were added for players to purchase and they were/are pretty much overpowered. The only way to obtain said weapons was to buy them with Uncharted points you purchased with real money OR grind out Relics. Relics the other in-game currancy that you do get for each match and only 10 when you win. You use Relics to purchase these Chests in-game that give you something random.

The random weapon chests are like 3000 Relics a piece and you only get 1 weapon out of them and likely you won't get the one you want. Now look at the math here, you'll need to will 300 matches before you can even get enough Relics to open one Chest, ridiculous right! They added in like a bonus every now and then per match but its only ever another 10-20 Relics. You can say "All DLC is available for free through the multiplayer", but realistically, your trying very very obviously to make people throw more money your way so they can get back to level playing field. It's ridiculous. I love Naughty Dog but this was probably the final straw for me and their multiplayer. Their single player experiences are the best! and that really all I'll be purchasing their games in the future for.