Star Wars: Battlefront - Reveal Trailer

Star Wars: Battlefront
Developer: Dice   |   Publisher: Electronic Arts

Tons of Content
It may seem ironic that i'd say that seeing as the game didn't have much when it first came out, but i didn't get that version. This version is the Ultimate Edition and it comes with quite alot of stuff. New Maps, Modes, Heroes, Weapons, and Star Cards.
It's Got Longevity
Sure that's what you want out a multiplayer game but there is so much to unlock and even with all the unlockable weapons you can get, you never really feel like you're getting destroyed by some overpowered weapon. On top of that there's even more stuff you can get by doing Jabba Contracts which consist of 2-3 objectives which reward you with Weapons or Star Cards as well. You're bound to keep playing until you've unlocked it all. It's even better when you've got a partner to play with too, which is how i've been playing.
Great Developer Support
After the game launched there were fans who cried for a single player or offline mode. The good devs at DICE gave it to them. They put in Missions and offline fights with splitscreen support as well. They even put in a mode specifically for the PSVR, The X-Wing VR Mission and it's a nice little adition as well.

DLC Playlist Rotations
Unlike the main playlists from the base game where you can chose a specific mode and stay in that mode game after game, the DLC playlists will rotate modes even if you just picked one you wanted to stay in.