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RIGS Mechanized Combat League - Single Player

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League
Developer: Guerrilla Cambridge   |   Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Feels Like a Full Game
Unlike the most of the other launch games for PSVR, RIGS is actually feels like a game you can play for a good long while and make progress. It takes a while to even get through the single player.
Proves FPS in VR Can Work
Initially one might be skeptical, but Guerrilla did an amazing job tuning the aiming in this game to make it as responsive as possible, enabling the immersion that we deserve in VR.
Encourages Team Chat
When jumping into a match in multiplayer, the first thing you'll see is your teammates and as you check out their RIGS and make your way up the launching dock. Your mic is enabled by default so you can each try and get a strategy going as you go into the match and make your face-off. With matches being 3-on-3, it's best to try and come up with something, especially if you're new to the multiplayer.
No Motion Sickness
Of course this might be on a person-to-person basis, but i was overjoyed for this to be the case. I don't really get motion sickness unless im focusing on something for a little while in a car ride or something. I had tried out VR before hand with the Gear VR and got motion sick after about 3 minutes so i was hoping it wouldn't be the case when PSVR came out and none of the games i've played have induced motion sickness for me, even with some being fast paced titles like this one.

Lack of Modes
There's only 3 gametypes at launch, Takedown (Team Deathmatch), Endzone (Football), and Powerslam (Basketball). Hopefully even more modes are coming