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Persona 5 - Preview #4 Trailer

Persona 5
Developer: Atlus   |   Publisher: Atlus

The Classiest Game
Right off the bat, even in the menus you will see how classy and polished this game is. It's like everything that could be animated in some cool way got the go ahead.
Fantastic Voice Acting
Atlus is already known for their quality, but i think they really nailed the hell out of it here. Every voice fits every character perfectly. Even if i hate Ryuji's personality so much, they did a superb job! Surprise or not, the main character does say atleast a few words in the game at random points, though no more than maybe 15 words all together.
Refreshing Fluidity
So from start to finish, youre given control to do a lot of choices in things you want to do, be it hanging out with friends, watching movies, enjoying a nice spa bath, hitting up the battling cages and the list goes on. Each of which increase your social stats and have a help your progression with the confidants you will come across. There's also raiding the Palaces of the bad guys to progress your story, but you can get into the action outside of that as well if you think you need to level up and maybe grid if needed. I found that i never ever really NEEDED to grind at all, but that's me. I did lose a few boss fights maybe once or twice, but overcame them soon after. Each boss fight is pretty unique, just as the Palaces they rule over. This game just hits all the high notes for quality.

Forced Unproductivity
As great as the game is there are a LOT of days where even though you've done no activities, the game will force you to go to sleep. This in-turn mean that you can't go increase your social stats or up your relationships.
Streaming Policy
Upon launch Atlus pretty much condemed the use of streaming this game. You can't stream it through the console and you can't even take screenshots. Of course you could get around if you have yourself a capture card but Atlus said they will copyright strike your Youtube Channel if done so. Pretty terrible and Petty. They did this to make sure that people don't get the game spoiled and by the Asshats that are all over Youtube and Twitch since it is a really huge story based game. In truth there are a tons of people who will go and purposely watch their favorite stupid annoyingly loud streamer play the games they want to play on purpose and be fine with it.

On the other hand i kind of get their point of view. If you've ever looked at a trailer even of some game you wanted to play before it came out, guess what? the day the game releases (maybe even a little earlier) you'll have all the spoiler filled videos of the game in your recommeneded videos right there on the homepage most of the time. It really really does suck. I get what Atlus's goal is but at the same time i also don't. I think maybe if it was blocked on YT but fine to stream on Twitch it'd be okay.

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