OXENFREE - Announce Trailer

Developer: Night School Studio   |   Publisher: Night School Studio

Interesting Story
Alex and her friends dare to go to this island and some other friends tag along, but things get weird and it happens in a pretty cool way. Something about the island has a connection with the dead, but that's not all.
Great Voices
While there isn't movie lines worth of dialogue, their voices all sounds great and fit each of the little characters with their caricature type bodies.
Through out the game you'll be interacting with your friends and the replies/questions/things you say with be what hinder your relationships or save them by the time end of the game. All of which will add to what kind of ending you'll have.

Character depth
You learn quite a bit about the main girl but not really much about the other people who are all in this fright night together. If they weren't there, the story probably wouldn't differ that much.
Not Much To Do
You pretty much just walk left to right and get to the story dialogue pretty much, that's pretty much the core gameplay.