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NieR Automata - E3 2016 Trailer

Nier: Automata
Developer: Platinum Games   |   Publisher: Sega

Fast Fluid Combat
The classic fast paced combat system that Platinum is known for makes a return. Quick to switch between weapons and gunnery, it's quite fun to play, though i wouldn't say there's any learning curve other than watching your health.
Colorful characters
Though initially no one really wants to talk to each other much if it's not about their current mission, the Android really start to open up to one another and even feel emotions on the level of the humans that they are fighting for. Each has their own distinct personality as well, that goes surprisingly for the enemies as well at a point.
Varied Bosses
Each Boss in the game felt like a different type of challenge and didn't seem like they were just different models executing the same moves. Each boss also have their own style and uniqueness.

Visual Fidelity
For a PS4 game in 2017, when we've seen games as beautiful as Horizon, i expected the game to look a little better. That's not to say it's not a beautiful game, it is, but texture-wise on the characters and environment at times, it doesn't look that great. I'd say that it's doesn't look much better that Bayonetta and that game looks fantastic too. Of course the main reason would be that the game runs smoothly as hell at 60FPS, but still. Also a few animations are clearly taken directly out of Bayonetta, which is weird. For an example, look at the screenshot to the left here of 9S (the boy).
You'll technically go through the game 3 times with different' people and you'll find that you have to keep going back through the same areas again and again. Wish there were more environments to explore as the map is kind of small. You'll also find that the second playthrough is basically a waste of time.
Where's the Conclusion
There's an overarching story here that can be easy to understand but all in all you'll be left with a thought of what was the goal and what as the point, especially as new enemies pop up out of nowhere around the endgame. 2B is cool as hell and is a huge draw to the game but that's not exactly enough.