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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 - E3 2016 Trailer

Kingdom Heart 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue
Developer: Square-Enix   |   Publisher: Square-Enix

Dream Drop Distance | Fantastic Remaster
Everything just looks sharp and as colorful as ever. And those eyes of all the characters are as piercing as they're every going to be.
Dream Drop Distance | New Faces, New Places
Well there were a couple new places, but the new faces revealed in this game are characters that are intriguing to say the least. They are even more methodical than villains of previous games.
Dream Drop Distance | Glowing Antagonists
Throughout the game, certain familiar faces show up but the main bad guy here is worth price of entry in this games, though mostly later on in the games when a lot of things come to light and things get pretty intense. I'm glad there were things i really didn't anticipate or expect from the story. Sure it's still complicated and convoluted but it's still very entertaining.
BBS 0.2 - A Fragmentary Passage | Aqua's Story
Well that is basically meaning the whole short games here, but it's good to see what happened to Aqua once she fell into the darkness to save her friend. She doesn't lose sight or hope of getting out of there someday and stays strong in the midst of such hardships as she has to constantly keep fighting in the depth.

Dream Drop Distance | Dream Eater Allies
Donald and Goofy were much more reliable than these Pokemon-esque creature that assist you on your journey. Most of the time they barely even do anything and just seem to be there just for the sake of it since this journey is a solo one.
Dream Drop Distance | Back-to-Back Bosses
The fact that you have to fight bosses back to back 2 and 3 times in a row with out even getting to save is probably the most annoying thing about the game, Especially if you finally get past one but just aren't even equipped to fight the next, which in some instances can by nigh-impossible. You either throw away hours trying and trying to finish this boss off, or back out, change your Command Deck and have to fight the previous 1 or 2 fights again. I played on Proud Mode, but the statements stand.
BBS 0.2 - A Fragmentary Passage | Unreal Engine
The Unreal Engine can shine in some games but in EVERY game that uses it, it's got that bad flat texture and lighting look to it. It's very easy to spot a game using the Unreal Engine because of how the textures always look, and that's not good. The character models themselves all look pretty darn good, but the lighting cast on them making them shiny looking all the time is distracting. Mix that up with the face that some texture on characters seem un-needed, like Mickey's Gloves textures or Aqua's sleeves. The move to make these characters look less cartoony is a little disappointing too. I wish they would've stuck with their Kingdom Shader in-house tech, it's not like anyone is expecting KH3 in this lifetime anyway. I'd actually be perfectly fine if KH3 looked exactly like the KH Remasters.