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Horizon Zero Dawn - Aloy's Journey Trailer

Horizon: Zero Dawn
Developer: Guerrilla Games   |   Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Aloy is Wonderful
She's the perfect example of a smart, strong, and even snarky (at times) character. She can be compationate, thoughtful or even vengeful at times given your decisions at certain moments in the game and her personality never changes into that of a thoughtless murderer or anything because she knows what she's doing is for the best and for the good of others.
A Real Eye Treat
This game is probably the best looking game to date, next to Uncharted 4. Guerrilla Games already had a fantastic game engine as you can tell if you played the fantastic Killzone: Shadowfall. It's the same engine there that has made this open world eye-feast. That "Dynamic" 4K+HDR combo really pops as i played this on my PS4 Pro. There's been a Photo Mode in a bunch of games now but there literally hasn't been one until now where i felt the urge to use it, and i did, constantly. Do note though that the pictures you take while playing with HDR enabled will look as they are supposed to but when viewing them without HDR enabled, they'll look more like should without it (though not as good of course) if you bring them to your computer for example. Unless you have a HDR enabled monitor. The game still looks amazing on standard PS4 too btw.
Living Machines
They are the highlight of the show really and they are magnificent to even look at. You might think early on that you've got a hang of things taking down some Watchers and Scrappers will you get to Storm Birds, Behenmoths and ThunderJaws. These machines get tougher and crazier! and it's Fun!
A fresh story
You might think post-apocalyptic has been done, and it has! but this story is on of a post-post apocalyptic world. The story of how it became that way and what preceded the events of the world is really quite something and the payoff is worth it in the end.