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GGXrd: REVELATOR - Arcade Opening

Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator
Developer: Arc System Works   |   Publisher: Aksys Games

So Stylish
The 3D/2D style fighter just looks so fantastic. Not exactly anime like, but pretty darn cool. Everyone has their own little flair to them.
The Story Mode
Continuing on from the story mode of the last game, the action and suspense keeps everything tense and it's actually something worth paying attention to and is an enjoyable experience. Gotta say i love the portrayal of the villain. Note that you do not play/fight when in this mode, it is all played out before you.
Unique Characters
Barely anyone is your simple "Hadouken" type and people and some characters like Bedman bring new types of skills to the fighting game genre, which is always something to hope for.

No English Dub
Sure the core of the game is the fighting, but the story in this game is a pretty big piece of it given it has it's own mode. Worse part is that Guilty Gear Xrd: -SIGN- DID have an English dub. It was a good one at that. Just listening to Bedman's long rambling post match was fun to hear. On Revelator, you'll get half a screen full of subtitles.