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Gravity Rush 2 - E3 2016 Trailer

Gravity Rush 2
Developer: SIE Japan Studio   |   Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Rush is Back
After making it's transition initially to the PS4 with the remaster of the first game, everything feels the way it should with the controls and is as awe inspiring and fun to "fall" in any way and any direction. Still a breath of fresh air in todays crowded shooter market.
Deeper story than the first
In Gravity Rush 2, we surprisingly got a more emotional story that expected. What happened to Kat after the Gravity Storm in Hekseville at the end of the first is answered. Even more questions were answered as we even learned about Kat's past!! the story concluded in a way to wrap everything up and it was an ending worth having. The screen time Raven has this time around is very much welcomed as well. She really loves food. The antagonists of the game all yearn for power or control for their own selfish reasons and couldn't care less about the consequences or those sacrificed in the process. Quite different from Alias.
Colorfully Rich
I myself completed the game on a PS4 Pro in 4K on an LG OLED dispay, but regardless of that, the game is really easy on the eyes.