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Blazblue: Central Fiction - Reveal Trailer

Blazblue: Central Fiction
Developer: Arc System Works   |   Publisher: Aksys Games

Story Conclusion
Pretty much all major questions finally have an answer to them and Ragna's story can finally come to an end. The story took me quite a while to finish, if i had to guess, i'd say atleast 30-40 hours, atleast that's what it felt like. There's fewer gag stories as well, which i actually appreciate because i only ever found like 1 funny and they tend to run on for a while.
Sleek and Smooth as ever
the fast action gameplay doesn't take any dips in it's effectiveness and is still as classy and flashy as ever.
Fresh New Faces
There's actually a few new characters to keep things fresher longer this time around. You've got Naoto, Hibiki, Nine, Izanami, Susano'o, Es (Free DLC at Launch)and Mai (DLC). All have their own different original playstyles as well, but are also a little more challenging to learn.

No English Dub
As the last game in the series, according to Arc System Works, it's extremely odd move to not have a dub for this game as every single game in the series has been dubbed frmo day 1. Worst part is, the English voice acting that has been in the series have all been great and spot on to match every character exactly. I will say that i personally hare hearing Terumi's voice but that's just me.